• Updated question D.5 description.


  • Updated question C.6 description.


  • Section M questions updated.
  • New questions added to section M.
  • NSW Health PDF template updated.


  • Added externally approved application module.


  • Minor textual and cosmetic changes.


  • Added CCI user group.


  • New questions to section M.


  • Modification approval process modified.
  • Original application validation process modified.


  • Approval process modified.
  • Email notification modified (Enhancement010711-09).
  • Additional questions added to section N of new application and section H of personnel modification (Enhancement010711-10).


  • Modification personnel submission process change (Enhancement210211-08).
  • Ethics Online now supports zPass Authentication.


  • PDF generator function modified (Enhancement120111-04).
  • New question added to question A.9 (Enhancement120111-05).


  • Change of questions in section K (original application form).
  • Fix for "Abandoned" projects reinstatement.
  • Monitoring form is updated for 2010 reporting period.


  • Problem initialising a modification fixed (failed to stop initialising data when there is modification of same type already in progress).
  • Research Grant section is moved to Admin group (left panel).
  • New filtering mod for secretariat screen (application and modification).


  • New questions added to section D and J (original application form).
  • Modification form is now not editable after the form is submited (both personnel and application modification).
  • Function to re-assign spokesperson added (Animal Ethics Committee > Committee Re-assignment).


  • Support team telephone number removed from login page and help desk section.
  • Personnel modification unique version auto increment fixed.
  • On "Research Grant" section on original application form (application version > 1), "Go to next page" button fixed. Now it will not remove answers that are already present in application version 1.
  • "Research Grant" section added in original application pdf print form.
  • Modification application submittion will not duplicate spokesperson recommendation. This will prevent duplication of spokesperson recommendation without dates appearing in "Aminal Ethics Committee > Modification Approval" screen.


  • Human Ethics Online link on the left panel removed.
  • Modification application will now include approved personnel from previously approved modification. (Bug Fix ID 3).
  • Question A.5 on Application Modification fixed.
    It will now display the alternative contact details correctly.
    Only Co-Investigator and Other Participant can now be nominated as alternative contact person. (Bug Fix ID 3).
  • Automatic email sent to Secretariat when a personnel modification "pending for new personnel validation" disabled.
  • "Animal Ethics Committee > Modification Approval" screen modified.
    Now displays: Modification application pending for spokesperson recommendation, pending for executive recommendation, pending for approval and Modification Application in draft with comments.
  • Modification action log feature added.
  • Modification approval screen modified
    Redundant information removed
    Special CSS introduced to solve IE7 and lower display problem.
  • Left panel font resized to 12px to allow more space in the screen
    other elements are adjusted accordingly.
  • Performance Tweak to the html header.


  • Committee Management screen modified.
    Committee ID decoded: 1=>A, 2=>B.
  • Help Desk display updated, technical help desk removed.
  • Login display updated, technical help desk removed.
  • Email logging feature added for Modification Application.


  • Left panel font size fixed to 13px to prevent the left panel covering other parts of the screen when opened with a web browser which font size setting is set to larger than 16. Header was resized accordingly.
  • Dr Josephine Joya is added to the dropdown option on question F.6 (original application form).
  • CHECK AND FINAL SUBMIT page wording has been changed
    Application is checked and validated
    You're now ready to submit the application
    Change to:
    Application is checked for completeness, but the system cannot check it for accuracy.
    Please ensure that all applicants have checked it for correctness. Then it will be ready to be validated and


  • Monitoring module added.
  • Suspension feature added.


  • Base version.